Curious and Classical Japan Travel

Looking for a made to order travel in Japan?

What is your Special Japan fantasy?

Tell us what you want to do and we’ll create a tour only for you!

CCJ is the best choice for you if you are looking for a special exclusive experience, not shown in your Japan guidebook. Local tour guides with experience will offer you something you never find without them!

Are you looking for some

  • geisha or ninja experience?
  • visit your favorite anime or movie location?
  • support for Japan beginners?
  • local experience which is enjoyable with your kids?
  • deep and memorable travel after visiting Japan so many times?

Then just please contact us and tell us your Japan dream!


CCJ is happy to promise you the most excellent trip in Japan made to order only for you, according to your request.

Please let us help your Japan trip worth traveling to.

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