Smart Shopping in Japan

There are a lot of people who come to Japan only to shop. They spend a fortune because they have enough money to spend.

But if you are not a millionaire, where should you go shop in Japan?

NITORI has been one of the suburb area household goods stores well known with its TV commercial “Onedan Ijou Nitori (we are offer more than the money you spend at us)”, it is a sort of IKEA in Japan and now they are in the city centers, like in Shibuya.  I do not believe people travel to Japan to buy a bed but you would find some nice ceramics for your parents’ dinner table, oriental ornaments for your good friends,  closet organizer for your house.


Still expensive? Now I’ll show you the options.

“3 coins” and thier sister brand shops are now all over Japan. They are name after the fact that the items sold there are 300 yen, so that 3 pieces of 100 yen coin. Well, actually there are “some” items at 500 yen or even 1000 yen, but there are some 100 yen items, too. So when you shop at them, keep your eyes open to double check if the items are really 300 yen. Most of the items you find there are just amazingly good in quality and style (for the price you pay).


And if you want to be even more reasonable, the last (and maybe the first) place to go is 100 yen shops. There are 3 big ones, “DAISO”, “CanDo” and “Seria”. If you are walking around in Japan, it is hard not to find one of them for sure (I was in a small island with the population of 20K in Shikoku last summer and run into one DAISO there).  Those three are pretty much similar to each other, but in my personal opinion, DAISO has more life-hack items, CanDo has more everyday stuff, and Seria has more DIY usuful items. However, they all are worth looking at it. At 100 yen shops, I have not seen anything costs more but I heard there are some.


They are all 100 yen but you can spend a lot of money if you buy a lot… seriously I’m telling you to be careful.


Here are some items that I bought at those places above.

From Nitori…


From 3 coins…


From 100 yen shops…


Hopefully now you are convinced to travel to Japan just to shop:)

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