Girls Special Offer only until the end of March!

Let’s go see the Hinamatsuri (girl’s festival) decoration and enjoy the foot bath and fresh seafood!


CCJ is offering a special packaged tour during the weekdays of the month of March!

Any groups with at least one girl or a heart of a girl can take this special girl’s festival deal.

In Izu area, it is the tradition to hang hinamatsuri dolls, thoughsands of them, wishing the girls growing healthy. All dolls are made old kimono clothes and each has different meaning, like to be able to walk well, to have a great future, to become a hard-worker, etc.  They are callled Tsurushi-bina 吊るし雛.


DSC_3018.jpgOnly 13,000 JPY per person for the special budget price including

  • round trip transportation from your hotel (if it is located in the city of Tokyo) to Izu
  • admission fee for the Hinamatsuri Museum
  • foot bath (interior and exterior foot bath tubs are available)

We will have lunch on the way – food is not included for the fee.

Izu area is famous for the fresh products. Seafood bowl as in the picture, you can enjoy it along with fresh wasabi (you grind one yourself at the table), also you can buy some souvenirs on the way.


  • This offer is on the weekdays of March only.
  • Minimum number of 2 travelers (if you are traveling on your own, we will tell you when is the good day)

If the weather is good, you can see the Mt. Fuji on our way to Izu!


It takes about 2.5 hours to drive. We will pick you up between 9-10AM and drop you off at 4-5PM, so that is pretty much a one-day trip.

Why don’t you join our special deal and experience one of the most traditional Japanese culture?

For joining this faburous tour, please contact us from here!





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