Cultural Experience

Experience the Traditions!

Japanese culture is well known as very unique and traditional. Why not try the historical experience with your own hands while you are visiting? CCJ offers extraordinary options add to your plans. All optional plans are free for photo / video shoot.


Cultural Experience 

Classical Japanese Dance 日本舞踊 (90 min.) 

You can watch the professional’s performance and try wearing kimonos (no worries, you will have the support😊) and learn the basic arts of gracious behavior, posture and actions, as well as the actual dance moves.

Tea Ceremony 茶道 (60 min.)

Matcha green tea and its culture is now popular all over the world but not a lot of people have experienced it with proper manner shown by the professionals. You can see and learn how to enjoy the matcha tea sitting on tatami mats at a real tea room.


Theatrical combat with Japanese sward 殺陣  (60 min.)

You can watch the professional performance of martial arts for theatrical play and learn how to perform it yourself. The instructers, TEAM KARASU, are actual perfomers / chreographers of a lot of populer theater plays.


Japanese Calligraphy 書道  (60 min.)

You can learn how to draw the traditional calligraphy of Japan, including its materials, basic brush works and learning how to write your own name in Kanji characters. Plus, you can have a professional calligraphy art piece written by a professional.


Shamisen Musical Instrument 長唄 (60 min.)
Koto Musical Instrument 筝(琴)(60 min.)
Wadaiko Japanese Drum 和太鼓 (60 min,) 
Shakuhachi Bamboo Flute 尺八 (60 min.) 

You can learn the basics of the traditional musical instruments, Shamisen, Koto, Wadaiko, or  Shakuhachi used for geisha performances and kabuki plays. It used to be a so common to have thoselessons at school music classes. Why not enjoy the professional performance and the experience something historical?  




The extra cost to add to your plan from 10,000JPY to 12,000JPY.



All experiences shown above can be arranged within the city center area of Tokyo, or you can have a private experience or just a performance show by professionals at your hotel or any designated places (depending on the conditions).


Special Request

Please feel free to ask us to have the programs in set, for example, you learn how to do the Japanese calligraphy while listening to the professional shamisen play. We will try to arrange any programs according to your request.