Get beautiful in Japan!

OK, I keep saying you can do something different in Japan, now here are some examples.

All girls love to become pretty, there is no single mistake.

If you are a girl, or if you are not a girl but you want to do some special surprise for your girl and impress her, I strongly recommend that going to “beauty salons in Japan” because there are so many cool things you can have you done there!

There are so many options you can choose from… how about having a new look in this cool country? If you are interested, just ask me. I will pick up a best place to go for you.

(special thanks to Dana Kuntz for kindly sharing her picture!)

City of Tokyo

What do you know about Tokyo? A big city with skyscraper, commuting trains stuffed with business persons, big shopping areas, a lot of people live in tiny apartments, the world’s safest city, a city of pop culture, a unique traditional town…what else?

If you have a chance, please try to walk around and take a little turn to a small alley. I bet you will find something different from what you imagined. And by any chance, please try one of them.  Tokyo has a lot of different faces!